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Xuande 衢州股票配资huo360furnace in Ming Dynasty is a treasure of Ming Dynasty arts and crafts. The successful casting of Xuande furnace led to the opening of later copper furnaces. In a long history, Xuande furnace has become the general name of copper censer.


[collection name]: chaoguaner stove of "Yutang Qingwan"

【规格】:香炉口径:16.5 高14.0

[Specification]: diameter of censer: 16.5, height: 14.0


In order to make huge profits, from Xuande period of Ming Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China, antique merchants imitated Xuande stove continuously. After Xuande furnace stopped manufacturing, some officials in charge of "casting affairs" called together the original furnace artisans to imitate according to the drawings and process procedures of Xuande furnace. These carefully cast imitations are comparable to the real ones, and experts can't distinguish them. Up to now, there are many Xuande furnaces in domestic museums, none of which can be recognized as the real Xuande furnaces by many experts. It has become one of the "outstanding cases" in Chinese archaeology to identify the true and false Xuande furnaces.


For a long time, bronze casting has been more used for luxurious furnishings and living utensils. As the traditional practical utensils in ancient China, censers are mainly made into life-related utensils. For a time, furnace culture became a fashion of literati and refined scholars, and furnace setting and appreciation became a manifestation of literati's taste. Its unique cultural characteristics made the censer a typical tool representing the new culture at that time, so it has a high artistic and collection value. Copper censer is one of the most important categories of copper products in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The refined copper censer, with its simple and elegant shape, is highly valued by the world. From Nanjing Chaotian Palace antique market, we can see that the copper censers used to be the cold door of the collection market have gradually become more and more valuable in the past two years. The price of some exquisite copper censers in Ming and Qing Dynasties has fully increased by 10 times. From the perspective of technological modeling, some of the imperial copper censers have increased their value due to their fine craftsmanship. Therefore, the copper censer with long history and exquisite carving is of great value. In addition, because of many disasters and heavy losses in the history of Ming and Qing bronze furnaces, the imitated furnaces and private furnaces have become rare historical relics.

从近年来出现的“玉堂”款炉 ,年份在清康熙以上的基本上个个是好炉子, 不光冶炼、铸造、铜质、造型、刻款等工艺都是炉子当中的精品炉。可见康熙以上的玉堂款炉在当时就受人重视,在同类铜炉当中地位较高,因为“玉堂”是一种士大夫声望和地位的象征。

From the "Yutang" type furnaces that appeared in recent years, almost all of them were good ones, not only smelting, casting, copper, modeling, carving and other technologies were excellent ones. It can be seen that the Yutang style stove above Kangxi was valued at that time, and had a higher position among the same kind of copper stove, because "Yutang" is a symbol of the reputation and status of scholar officials.


This incense burner of "Yutang Qingwan" is glittering and pearly. It reflects the unique light of Taoism and stands out from others. It is a feast for the eyes and a gorgeous and incomparable color. It can be said that "the jade hall is a place of pure play, and its virtue is promoted by comparing shoulders".


In the guide to antiques, master Zhao Ruzhen made it clear that Yan's furnaces are all without money, that is to say, the copper censers with "yutangqingwan" printed are the real ones. According to Yan's status and collection specifications at that time, it is not impossible for Yan's father and son to rob, let alone print the imitations on the hall money of the hall. There are many bronze censers in the later generations, all of which are carved.

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